Southern California, Class of 2012

My name is Dan Lee and I’m honored to share my testimony of my experience at Father School with you all. I hope that by reading my testimony, you all one day will have a testimony to share with others as well. Father School was definitely not something I was interested in the beginning, but I’m grateful to God that He gave me an opportunity to experience Father School because not only has it impacted my life, but my families lives as well. Praise the Lord!

Well, I’m 34 years old and married with two beautiful children. I grew up in a some what dysfunctional family. My parents divorced when my brother and I, were pretty young.

I was 4 years old and my brother was not even 1 year old at the time. My mother left our family after the divorce, so my father had to literally raise us on his own. My grandparents helped out as much as they could, but it was very difficult due to my brother and I, being so young. My father worked most of the time, so we really didn’t get to see him much and when we did, he would always be too tired to do anything with us. My father knew he needed help with us, so he ended up getting married for a 2nd time to some lady he knew in the past. It happened so quickly, it was almost like an arranged marriage. My step mother came from Korea to live with us and to make a long story short, let’s just say she was a good step mother in the beginning, but towards the end, she was not. Due to my step mother and I, not getting along, my father ended up kicking me out of the house at 18 years old. I know to many of you, you might think, my father has done enough by taking care of me until 18 years old, but the reason why I felt betrayed was the fact that I helped my father out at his store since I was a young child until 18 years old. I wasn’t a bad child either. I went to school and got good grades while helping my father at his store (Without Pay). My father always would tell me that family always came first, but I guess this time around, my step mother came first in his eyes. Well, after a couple of years later, my father ended up getting divorced again for the second time and I told myself that I would never want to become like him when I got married. Not only did he not have a real loving relationship with his children, but he didn’t have a loving relationship with his wives either. This man I call father was someone I used as an example not to be like. Which was pretty sad.

Approximately, seven years later, I got married to my wife Julie. She was someone I instantly had chemistry with and someone I fell in love with. I dated a lot of women in the past, so I knew what type of person I wanted to marry and when I met my wife, I knew she was the one. After dating for approximately 4 months, we got engaged and got married within 1 year of knowing each other. Things moved really fast, including our first child who was a honeymoon baby. God truly blessed us! Approximately, 3 years later, God blessed us with our 2nd child. To my wife and I, our children were everything to us. We would sacrifice everything and anything for our children. Including our time alone which probably wasn’t a great idea because my wife and I, were becoming more distant to each other due to being busy all the time with the children.

My marriage was going from great to just okay in a very quick span. We needed help! Well, one day we were at church for Sunday service and we heard on the announcements that a Father School conference was going to be held in LA in a couple of months. This Father School conference was for fathers, married men, and even single men who wanted to be fathers one day. My wife nudged me saying I should go. At first, I was kind of surprised that my wife would tell me to go because I felt like I was a great father to my children and I definitely didn’t need to attend. I felt this Father School were for men who weren’t great fathers and needed to go to learn how to be one. I believed I was too overly qualified for this Father School, but after my wife kept nagging me to go, I ended up going just so she would stop asking and also to hang out with a friend of mine who also attended due to his wife. I attended Father School not knowing what to expect with very low expectations, but I am extremely grateful that God gave me this opportunity to go because it truly changed my life.

I have so many things I would like to share about Father School and how it impacted and changed my life, but I already written a lot, so I’ll share one thing that really transformed my heart. During Father School, a guest speaker asked the Father School attendees that if they could save one person from drowning and it was your mother and your wife in the water, who would they save and a good 98% of them said their mother. The guest speaker related, the one person in this world that you ever make a promise to God to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in heath, until death do us part is your wife. You never made a promise to God for your parents. You were a gift and a blessing from God to your parents, but the only person you actually made a promise to God was your spouse. I never thought of it that way, but it was so true! The guest speaker related that if you and your wife have a healthy, loving relationship than your children will automatically grow up healthy as well. When the guest speaker said that, I started thinking about the way my wife and I, were living our lives. We were so focused on our children, we forgot about ourselves. We thought as long as we focused on our children, we could sacrifice our own time together and we were doing everything correctly, but in fact we were doing everything incorrectly. We were living the direct opposite way we should be living our lives. No wonder our marriage was falling apart. The guest speaker also related that most parents focus so much on their children that when their children grow up and leave the house, the parents end up divorcing because they don’t know each other anymore. All their love have diminished because they never took time out for themselves to build upon their love. That was pretty scary to hear because that’s the path my wife and I, were heading. I knew right then and there I had to make a change not only to better myself, but for the family as well. During my marriage, I was so focused on not becoming like my father that I started becoming like him. I was spending time with my children, but was not showing the love like they needed. I had to show that love to my wife in order for my children to feel loved. I thought Father School was only going to focus on teaching me how to become a great father, but I realized that many of it’s focus is on how to be a great husband. Like the speaker related, if you and your wife have a healthy relationship, than your children will grow up healthy. How powerful is that?

I can sit here and write on and on again about how great Father School was and how it impacted me and my families lives, but the best way to know is actually attend the Father School and experience it for yourself. My wife and I, now focus on having a healthy relationship among ourselves, so our children can grow up healthy. This was a valuable thing I learned because not only did it save my marriage, but it also saved my children from growing up in a dysfunctional family like I did. Prior to me attending Father School, I believed I was too overly qualified for Father School, but now I realize how foolish I was. Fathers normally don’t attend any schools on how to become a father prior to having kids. We get married and have kids and just try to do our best.

The only person we can emulate is our own fathers, but what if in your opinion, your father wasn’t a great father. What do you do then? Just hope and pray we will just become great fathers? We are not perfect and we make mistakes, but why would you want to become a father and make several mistakes and possibly scar your children and decide to attend some program like Father School? What better investment is out there than to invest in your family? I hope I was able to share enough experience with you to show a glimpse of what Father School is all about. Thank you for taking your time to read my testimony and I would like to end this testimony by saying the Father School’s motto. Strong Father, Strong Family! God bless!


Southern California, Class of 2013

My parents divorced when I was in 5th grade. It was a painful and devastating experience seeing your father, who was your childhood hero, abandon you and walk away from your family. I was heart broken and furious. Witnessing all the sorrow and heartache endured, I vowed myself to never grow up to become like my father. Ever.

20 years later, the vow is still vivid, active and very much alive. I’ve willed myself to become completely opposite of my father. I’ve reminded myself millions of times that I would be different. That I would love my wife til the end. That I would never leave my family. That I would become a father that my own father has failed to become. However, to my utter shock and dismay, I was becoming like him daily, without ever realizing that I was.

Growing up in a Korean-American community, divorces were very common. Because it was so prevalent, a kid from a divorced family wasn’t treated any differently. There weren’t any special programs, mentoring or teachings catered specifically – both in society, school or at church. All I knew was that you never become like your father and never divorce when you get married. You are to love your wife unconditionally and respect the single mother who’ve raised you. No one has every taught me about how to become a father. Let alone, no one has ever taught me about generational sins.

​It was at Father School Retreat in 2013 that I was introduced to a concept called the generational sin. In the past few years, I’ve despised myself for becoming like my father daily. 20 years of self-training, reminders and revisiting traumatic memories in 5th grade couldn’t prevent me. The man that I’ve refused to become, was becoming alive in me daily. I hated myself. I couldn’t understand how I couldn’t keep my marriage happy. I couldn’t understand how the thoughts of divorce was penetrating my mind. I could no longer see myself in the mirror. I was ashamed and even had thoughts of following my steps after my dad. Even giving up my relationship with Jesus Christ.

​Through the Father School, I’ve found out that I was not alone. There were many men, who’ve found themselves becoming like their own father. It was comforting to know that I was not alone. But how do I overcome this? Are we hopeless? Why weren’t we equipped to handle these situations?


Generational sin is very real and is infiltrating through every marriage. In the Scripture, King David’s generational sins were violence, blood and lust. It never left his family and it passed down to the next generation through Absalom and Solomon. For some of us, it may be divorce, gambling, alcoholism, anger, violence, infidelity, career and so on. It is absolutely important that we recognize this sin that lives like a virus inside us. Once recognized, we need to come to God daily, depending on His absolute guidance and strength.

Father School has taught me that only God can help us to overcome this generational sin. No tragic experiences, no self-training, no self-will can ever overcome this sin. Only God himself through the blood of Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit can save us. It has revealed to me a different perspective on why we need God daily. Why I can never leave my guard down. It humbled me and brought me to my knees.

Also, it taught me the importance of reconciliation with your own father. Yes – although unseemingly impossible or undesirable it appears, it is critical. No person on earth will ever understand the temptation you face daily like your own father. God has designed this relationship to be edifying and holy. God does not desire us to be eternally separate – but to lean on each other, share and overcome together. How you treat your own father is an indicator of how your own son will treat you. Your hatred for your father can be a generational sin that you pass down to your son and to his sons for generations.

Praise be to God because there is also a generational blessing. In the Scripture, God promises over again and again to our forefathers that He will bless the offspring for generations to come. All of us, there is a generational blessing that we don’t recognize as well. It is absolutely important that we recognize what this blessing is and we make it known in our family and to our children. You see, God is a just God. He desires to bless us abundantly more than we can ever imagine. Anything that God lovingly places in our life with His own hands is a blessing. Do you know what your generational blessing is?

I highly invite all males of all race and all seasons of life to Father School. It is a biblical program led by the Spirit to identify core issues within us. More importantly, it instills in us a hope and a future where we can stand proudly and reclaim our role as a Father.


Southern California, Class of 2011

I am a 43 year old man, a husband, and a father to 2 children. I have been through many years of public school/educational process in my life from a very young age…starting with Kindergarten in South Korea to graduating Cal Poly University, San Luis Obispo with B.S. degree in Civil Engineering in USA.

I think I have successfully finished and graduated these schools… to have a solid career, and make a decent living. However, none of these educational accomplishment compares to the education/learning I have experienced through Father School.

To me, graduating Father School is much more important, and gives more significance to my life than the B.S. degree from Cal Poly, SLO. There are many reasons why I love Father School, for me and for all others. Through Father School, I feel like I’ve met and learned about my 3 fathers: 1)my Heavenly Father 2)my earthly, biological father, and 3)myself as a father, a husband, and a man. I feel like I have learned (and still learning) how to be connected intimately with all of these 3 fathers.

“Father” is universal language and many of us know that it is so important. “School (education)” is also universal language and is so important. In the advance world we live in (where we have all kinds of subject of studies and technologies), why don’t we not have these 2 important factors together…FATHER-SCHOOL? It is so simple, logical question…but I don’t know why we don’t have this in our society…at least the emphasis and structure of it. This is why I love Father School…the spirit, the meaning, and the purpose behind it. I cannot wait until my 7 year old son attends Father School someday soon when he turns old enough….and becomes a father that will be pleasing to Heavenly Father, his father, and himself as a father.