Schooling the Next Generation of Fathers

(Originally published September 9, 2013, IAmKoreAm)

“Graduates” of an English-language Father School session this past May celebrate with their wives and children.
Many second-generation Korean American dads vow they won’t be like their own stoic immigrant fathers. Yet once they have families of their own, they realize that’s easier said than done. The English-language father school tries to heal those wounds and engage men on their evolving role in the family.

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Daniel Lee

Southern California, Class of 2012

My name is Dan Lee and I’m honored to share my testimony of my experience at Father School with you all. I hope that by reading my testimony, you all one day will have a testimony to share with others as well. Father School was definitely not something I was interested in the beginning, but I’m grateful to God that He gave me an opportunity to experience Father School because not only has it impacted my life, but my families lives as well. Praise the Lord!

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The Korean Dads’ 12-Step Program

(Originally published May 8, 2011, New York Times)

A soft-spoken electrical engineer named Edmond Rhim sat in a packed gymnasium with his wife, Hanna, gripping her tiny hand in his. It was the last of four five-hour-long sessions of Father School, and by the end of the night, 70 men — all of them Korean, and almost all of them Christian — would be declared more emotionally adjusted dads. They would even get a certificate, a group photo and a polo shirt to prove it.

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