About Us

Our Vision

Duranno Father School was established to encourage Fathers to become holy and pure men, shepherds of their families and leaders of the Church, and to spiritually transform society in Christ.

We believe that rebuilding strong and healthy families will inevitably transform our communities and world for the better. It starts with us. Father School helps men discover and reclaim this role as leader and shepherd of the household and unify their families in Christ.

Why Father School

Father School was originally established by Duranno in October, 1995, in Seoul, South Korea, in response to the growing national epidemic of abusive, ineffective and absentee fathers. Father School was founded on the premise that when the father stands firmly as the head of the household, society will too stand firm, ultimately making the world a better place.

The first English Duranno Father School in the United States was held in Los Angeles, California in 2012. It has since expanded to San Jose, Seattle, Dallas, and continues to expand to new locations today as we lead people to Christ and advocate for the father’s biblical role as a central figure in the family.

Core Values

Father School is about the realization of God’s dream for happy families and a bright future for our children. It is a movement in which we submit and allow the Holy Spirit to effectively work in us.

Our programs are carefully planned and prepared, but we acknowledge that it is first and foremost God the Holy Spirit who leads and determines the dynamics of the course and its effect on participants. As such, we pray throughout and before every Father School event in faith that the Holy Spirit will continue to work within the program and God is glorified.

It isn’t about delivering hollow theories and platitudes on fatherhood, but about changing one’s life. Through homework assignments and intentional group discussions, Father School challenges students to directly and immediately apply what they learn and begin building lifelong habits of blessing and leading their families well.

Finally, it is about unity. Father School is a program that unites Christian ministers and lay believers alike regardless of religious order and denomination to share their experiences and knowledge in pursuit of total devotion. It is a movement under which different races and cultures, rich and poor, wise and uneducated unite to materialize the dream of God.


Father School pursues the biblical image of the father, helps fathers recover their lost authority in families, corrects the wrongfully exercised authority of fathers, and returns fathers to their foundational position in the family. Father School is a movement that challenges men to change society and the world by first being good fathers in the home.

Father School aims to instill healthy family values in the midst of dysfunction, miscommunication and otherwise broken relationships. We believe that true transformation and growth begins with forgiveness and healing. To this end, as part of the program participants will write letters to their own fathers, significant other, and children, confessing what may be broken in these relationships and committing to what is godly and honoring to Christ. Father School provides the tools and guidance to begin a healing process within yourself and your family.

Father School explores four major aspects of Fatherhood: Influence, Manhood, Spirituality, and Mission. We must understand and accept the influence of the father on his family and society. We examine society’s perception of man versus God’s design. We study the importance of living a spirit-filled life and the role of a shepherd of the family. Only then can we receive and effectively live out God’s calling, mission and purpose for us as fathers.