It starts with us. As fathers we must be holy and pure men, the spiritual leaders of our families. We believe that building strong and healthy families will inevitably transform our communities and world for the better. 



“No educational accomplishment compares to the education/learning I have experienced through Father School”

– Dean Choi, Southern California, Class of 2011.

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DAniel Lee

“During my marriage, I was so focused on not becoming like my father that I started becoming like him.”

– Daniel Lee, Southern California, Class of 2012.

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"SChooling Fathers"

What does it mean to be a man and a father today?

– “Schooling Fathers” (IAmKoreAm, 2009)

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"Next Generation"

Many second-generation Korean American dads vow they won’t be like their own stoic immigrant fathers. Yet once they have families of their own, they realize that’s easier said than done.

– “The Next Generation” (IAmKoreAm, 2013)

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